Unopened Gifts – Episode 5

"Unopened Gifts"

Chris Bright - Curiosity & Perseverance

"He turned Adversity into his own University"

Everyone has a gift. Host James McPartland (Mac) guides how all of us can tap into those gifts and implement them in our own lives to change the universe. This episode Chris Bright a dyslexic entrepreneur who turned a local business of 4 stores into a 100 plus unit franchise, shares with us how he uses his passion of curiosity into successful perseverance . Chris was an interesting interview for us. He is extremely calm and seems to never sweat the small stuff. Our questions regarding his dyslexia taught me that while dyslexia may have been a burden while in his youthful years, it proved to be of great value as he learned to overcome difficult situations for a lifetime. A brilliant man, he can teach us all a thing or two about developing oneself and ones business. I am hungry for zpizza tonight!

This episode Produced by: Gary Meeker & James McPartland

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