Unopened Gifts – episode 4


"Unopened Gifts"

Tue (John) Nguyen - Focus & Fortitude

"I said to my wife if Tue Nguyen can build a cruise line as a blind man, we can build a TV Network"

Everyone has a gift. Host James McPartland (Mac) guides how all of us can tap into those gifts and implement them in our own lives to change the universe. This episode Tue (John) Nguyen a blind entrepreneur create one of the most successful travel businesses in South East Asia. Trails of Indochina serves clients from all over the world. Crazy enough Tue Nguyen also started a cruise line called Heritage Lines…… after his adult onset blindness. Tue Nguyen is featured and shares with us how he found blindness to be his gift of Focus and Fortitude.

This episode Produced by: Gary Meeker & James McPartland

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