Unopened Gifts – episode 3


"Unopened Gifts"

Brian Murphy - Humility & Determination

"When Brain Murphy greeted us he made me feel like he had been a good friend for quite some time."

Everyone has a gift. Host James McPartland (Mac) guides how all of us can tap into those gifts and implement them in our own lives to change the universe. This episode Mac speaks with NFL agent and President of Athletes First Brian Murphy then shares how his life's lessons have led to the creation the largest NFL Agency in the USA.

As I produce these shows with Mac, I get a sense that the paths revealing themselves are  taking me to new frontiers. People and situations at times try to lasso me back to the comfort of discomfort. Similar to producing these shows, I believe watching them you will feel the helpful antidote of knowledge.

This episode Produced by: Gary Meeker & James McPartland


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