Unopened Gifts – episode 1


"Unopened Gifts"

Steve Bilt - Vision & Leadership

The Pilot episode of "Unopened Gifts" makes its debut on HAVitTV.

Unopened Gifts the TV show was prompted by the background story behind this episode. While working as a photographer and videographer on dental missions to counties all around the world, including Ghana Africa, Nicaragua in Central America & Thailand in South East Asia. I met a man named James McPartland. Known as Mac to all of us on the dental missions and his friends, Mac was on these excursions to help the participants and volunteers also known as SEAL Team Members, to better understand ourselves and our emotions while serving the needs of hundreds of kids. Many of these kids were orphans. Many of these kids had never been to a dentist. We were sometimes in such remote places, the kids had not seen a white person before. It was a real blessing to be a first impression to these kids. In Ghana Africa groups of kids would gather around to touch my arms thinking my white skin would feel different than theirs. The interaction between the kids and myself were some of the most memorable moments of my life.

Being in a place far away from home, living in some "unique" conditions and being "all in" to simply serve others was both beautifully amazing and sad simultaneously. Mac was there to help us harness our emotions and get as many "take aways" as we could and then bring those gifts home. During these gatherings of the SEAL Team Members every morning and evening the group would gather for about an hour and talk. Mac would pose questions and lead us on a path of discovery about ourselves and how to move forward in life feeling as passionately about our lives as we did on these dental missions. I experienced something so positive that I wanted to share it with the world.

This show Unopened Gifts is my gift to you, so you too may experience what I found to be such a life changing experience.


This episode Produced by: Gary Meeker & James McPartland


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