A 5 time Emmy Award Winner and 7 time Emmy Award Nominee, Gary Meeker Founded HAVitTV to distribute shows he produced. Working in Hollywood as a Camera Operator and Sound Mixer for over 25 years, Gary moved away from the glitter and glamour to work in a more outdoors atmosphere in the deserts of Arizona. Although still "plugged-in" to Hollywood Gary has moved forward with his dream of producing and distributing his self produced content similar to his friends and colleagues in the Rock 'n Roll industry.

Gary Meeker worked as a shooter of feature stories and news gathering for FOX Sports and was the part of the technical / production crew which launched Sony Picture's - Game Show Network.

While working  for FOX Sports, Gary Meeker's  daily interaction and work ethic with champions and elite sports figures earned him the trust of teams and their coaches, allowing him access to information beyond that of the on-camera reporters. Embracing the effort to draw the most from people and their abilities. Gary loves finding the story and sharing that story with the world.

Gary Meeker is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Gary loves to go boating and shooting with his family & friends.