SpeedBoat TV – Offshore Super Series – Biloxi Races

SpeedBoat TV

Offshore Super Series - Biloxi Mississippi Races

Hosted by Martin Sanborn and Charlie Haimes this episode covers these class of race boats


  1. Unlimited Offshore
  2. Vee Lite
  3. Cat Lite
  4. Cat Outboard
  5. 850
  6. 750


  1. Miss Geico
  2. JBS Racing
  3. Boat Floater
  4. Team IMCO
  5. Typhoon
  6. Pirate Racing
  7. Pig Iron
  8. Lucas Oil
  9. Amsoil
  10. Motley Crew
  11. Propstop.net
  12. All Jacked Up
  13. Popeyes Chicken
  14. Stihl
  15. Miccosukee
  16. fluid Sealing Products
  17. Team Fury
  18. Team CRC
  19. Talkin' Trash
  20. WHM Motorsports
  21. Dunaway Signs

(Next copy Source: offshoresuperseries.com)

The Offshore Super Series Powerboat Racing Association (OSS) was founded in 2003 by an elite group of race team owners and professionals to form a unique racers organization.

Focused on fairness and safety, the founding fathers had a vision of a racer’s organization that would ensure the members would have a say about the rules and direction of their future.

The combination of membership input and a dedicated staff set a benchmark which continues to present offshore events second to none. The exceptional professionalism and safety measures are hailed and admired by participants, industry professionals and attendees alike.

The tragic loss of one of their own crystallized the association’s commitment to unprecedented safety in the sport of offshore racing.

Today we race under the sanction of the American Power Boat Association (APBA); going back to the history and prestige of over 100 years of powerboat racing here in the US.  APBA is the North American representative of the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), the international sanctioning body for water sports. The UIM is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Racers that qualify for National US Records are eligible to apply to the UIM for World Records. As the National Offshore Staff for APBA we have the elite of Offshore on our team. Our Chief  Referee, Starter, Inspector, Scorer and Medical Safety Director combined, have over 130 plus years of involvement in Offshore Powerboat racing.

Our goal is to provide a family friendly, exciting and safe environment for our racers, supporters and fans.

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