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Unopened Gifts

Everyone has a gift. Host James McPartland (Mac) guides us how to tap into those gifts and implement them into our own lives to change the universe. He brings the people who have learned this secret in front of you so you may improve your life. This show is used by business leaders, Leadership Trainers, Sales Managers, Moms, Dads and their children to help their companies & lives thrive. By sharing this information and your gifts with others, you too will see from a perspective never know to you before watching "Unopened Gifts."

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SpeedBoat TV

The new episodes hosted by Amanda Knox are a magazine / lifestyle format show. As you look at the older episodes from the days when SpeedBoat was Performance Boats, you will find everything from boat evaluations to Off-Shore races.

The Venue HD poster parent 210 x 270

The Venue

Concerts, music specials and interviews are what the venue is all about. If you feel the beat in your heart, you will love the offerings here on "The Venue".

Havasu Wild HD poster grid 210 x 270

Havasu Wild

The Voo Doo Medicine Man will for sure offend. Bikinis, Boats, off-road extreme sports and did we say bikinis? Play drinking games and watch the mayhem of "Havasu Wild".

In The Fight HD poster grid 210 x 270

In The Fight

A monthly half hour show that offers an incomparable and rare insight of life on the frontlines reported directly by U.S. military service members deployed around the globe.

Havasu Speedway HD poster parent grid 210 x 270

Havasu Speedway

Crashes, checker flags and racing in its most pure form. Local car racing from Havasu 95 Speedway

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USA Made & Proud

Success stories of companies and entrepreneurs who manufacture their product in America allow them to be labeled  "made in the USA." Shot as documentaries, these shows will be sure to inspire.

KOPs 210x270

King of Props

King of Props follows publisher Chris Davidson (addicted to Elvis) and his cast of crazies while they attempt to meet publishing deadlines chasing the hottest scoops in the business of fast engines, fast girls in bikinis and performance boats.