Havasu Wild – Episode 1

Havasu Wild

Drunken Behavior - Take 1 (episode 1)

Hosted by the Voo Doo Medicine Man

So...... How to start?

Living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona is interesting. We have Spring Break madness here every year and being long past college days, I don't hang out with all the spring breakers. It is fun to watch the spring breakers however and I am a bit of a jokester. So what better thing to do than to capture all the nonsense that goes on here than by becoming a madman and partaking as a goof. That's what I did. Take my video camera and role on the madness with no mindset of bettering the world. Just have fun, laugh and be an idiot. Little did I know that the show would be a huge success on the web. Within 2 days on the web I had over 10,000 views on the ROKU channel alone. I did this show as a joke. Was I going to have to make more of these shows? The answer became yes. With Havasu Wild being such a hit, we are now going to produce a show every two months with mini episodes being released every week. Going forward I promise the Voo Doo Medicine Man will completely offend as many people as possible. I will do so by showing more boobs, more butts, more bikinis, shaking and wiggling all around the lake. I promise I will offend as many parents as possible. I promise I will drink as excessively as possible and still be be a good host. Heck if I can sit and speak, I will tell as many jokes as I can mumble. You crazy maniacs have asked for more, so you got it. I will offend to your hearts content. You will take it and like it. If you see your daughter in a bikini acting improperly, I take no responsibility for her actions as I am simply a news gatherer. What is captured in my lens is happening wether I am there or not.......... Now let me go place my daughter in a nunnery far away from here.

Sincerely, Voo Doo Medicine Man

Now go get a drink. It's good for what's the matter with you.

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